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Flexible LED Strips

The flexible LED strips are modules installed on a flexible circuit board.

LED strips are easy to install and maintain - they successfully replace the conventional lighting devices, enabling embedding into ceilings, moldings, niches, etc. Powerful LED strips are often used as decorative lighting in fancy glowing ads. 
We offer LED strips with SMD LEDs, type 3528 or 5050.
LED density varies as well: 30, 60, 96 or 120 LEDs per meter.
Available with a variety of protective coatings - uncoated (IP20), silicone coating (IP65), silicone sleeves (IP67).
LED strips are offered in a wide range of colors: white, warm white, colored (blue, red, yellow, green) or RGB (managed by controllers to achieve different shades and effects).
LED strips operate on 12V DC, 24V DC or 220V AC.
We offer a wide range of power supplies and controllers for flexible strips!
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